Mojo : A spell or magic charm that exerts influence

Fuel : Maintains or stimulates an activity or emotion

Who we are

Mojofuel is a family of creative minds, designers, developers, technologists, strategists, producers, directors, photographers, animators and writers.

The UK based agency was founded in 2000, and we work directly with local and global brands and as a partner to other agencies.

What we do

Mojofuel creates exciting experiences, digital platforms and content that helps brands engage with consumers and build significant long term relationships.

We solve complex digital problems, develop new production technology and lead the field in content marketing.

How we do it

Mojofuel starts by defining the brand objectives, we gain insight, find out who the audiences are, and plan the opportunities to achieve success.

Our biggest asset is the combined passion and knowledge of our team. We’re always experimenting and inventing.

Our journey


A large dose of sunshine coupled with forward thinking digital technology from Silicon Valley.     


Inspired by surf culture and fun on the beach, San Francisco to Mexico, the Hollywood lifestyle and Vegas road trips.


A big spoonful of blue chip brand experience, international markets and networking on the tube.


The big smoke... it's chaotic, but a great place for skills, knowledge and networks. We even worked for the PM at Number 10.


A mixture of hard working Northern English attitude coupled with the culture of music, fashion and football.


A gateway to the most vibrant cities in the North, London 2 hours away and an airport serving 180 worldwide destinations.