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Tsingtao Beer

The Ping Pong Beer


The Brief

To widen the appeal of Tsingtao Beer beyond the Chinese restaurant to a vibrant young audience.

The Detail

The Chinese have long been regarded as the leading ping pong nation despite the sport having been first played as wiff waff in England over 300 years ago. Today Ping Pong has jumped from an Olympic sport into bars and venues across the world as a social sport enjoyed on a night out.

The Work

We saw an opportunity for Tsingtao to align itself with the game and to create exciting Ping Pong experiences whilst enjoying the beer. We set out on a mission to make Tsingtao 'The Ping Pong Beer'.

Over the course of the last few years we have created inner city pop up ping pong bars with Tsingtao branded tables, we designed and developed a Dragon Ping Pong Robot for consumers to play against, launched national competitions and tournaments, and developed key partnerships with professional players. We even made a Tsingtao Ping Pong themed commercial.

What we did

Creative concept, event production, integrated campaigns, pop up structures, staging, logistics, video production, photography, 360° video, commercials, social media.

Key Stats

  • 200,000 participants
  • 1.7m Cinema impressions

Ping Pong Fight Club

The action unfolding in our London venue

Ping Pong Fight Club

One of our finalists emerges victorious

Ping Pong Fight Club

The tournament winner celebrates

Cinema Ad

Our ping pong activity was amplified via a 60 second cinema ad

Popup Ping Pong

360° videos helped to bring our popup action to life on Facebook

Popup Ping Pong

Social activity supporting the popup ping pong bar

Ping Pong Fight Club

Our winning team from the Liverpool tournament

Pong Bot Dragon

We custom built a robotic ping pong dragon to support the events

The Pong Bot Dragon

The completed dragon in action at the popup bar
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