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Tsingtao Beer

Modernising Mythology

The Brief

Run an ad campaign promoting the Chinese heritage of Tsingtao Beer but with a modern contemporary feel.

The Detail

The creative approach required us to find a way to link the old China with the modern age and to draw attention to the phonetic challenge of the brand. Few figures in Chinese folklore are more widely recognised than The Eight Immortals so we decided to re-interpret the characters from Chinese Mythology.

Back stories were created for each Immortal that reflected their historical roots. Consequently, Zhang Guo whom according to ancient Chinese folklore was an alchemist that wandered the land on a white donkey, became a debonair mixologist who hops between parties on his white Vespa scooter.

The Work

The outdoor media campaign featured a modernised group shot of all eight immortals and we created animated portrait adverts for each character on the London Underground that brought each Immortal to life as you moved up the escalators.

The campaign was supported across all the major social channels with a staggered monthly release of the stories of each Immortal. Competitions were also setup to link with Tsingtao events offering customers the chance to experience the world of The 8 Immortals for themselves.

What we did

Creative concept, art direction, campaign planning, photography and motion graphics.

Key Stats

  • 24.5 million total impacts
  • Northern Marketing Award Winner
Modernising the Ancient Immortals

Contemporary Legends

Some of the Immortals before and after their redesign
The ad in Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus

The campaign launched in London
Lu Dongbin

Lu Dongbin

The learned leader of The Immortals
Han Zhongli

Han Zhongli

A rejuvenating ex-military force
He Xiangu

He Xiangu

An enigmatic, ethereal beauty
Lan Caihe

Lan Caihe

Rebooted as a punk-rocking tom boy
Han Xiang

Han Xiang

Rebooted as classicly trained DJ
The Immortals

Cao Guojiu

The well connected gentleman
Zhang Guo

Zhang Guo

Rebooted as a cocktail mixologist
Tieguai Li

Tieguai Li

Fiercely loyal to his friends
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