The 8 Immortals

The 8 Immortals

The 8 Immortals is a UK wide ad campaign for Tsingtao Beer spanning outdoor media, web, social and PR.

Having been the lead agency for Tsingtao Beer UK for a number of years we've witnessed a maturing attitude towards Chinese brands in the UK marketplace which meant we were able to add a flavour into the campaign that reflected the proud Chinese heritage of the brand.

The creative approach behind the campaign was to re-interpret The 8 Immortals from Chinese Mythology for the modern age.

Back stories were created for each of our characters that reflected their historical roots. Consequently, Zhang Guo whom according to ancient Chinese folklore was an alchemist that wandered the land on a white donkey, has become a debonair mixologist party hopping on his white Vespa.

The campaign is supported through the line across all the major social channels with monthly releases of the back stories of each Immortal. 

Competitions have also been setup to link with key PR events throughout the 2015 calendar to give our fan base the chance to experience the world of The 8 Immortals for themselves.

Through The Line

The campaign is being kicked off in Piccadilly Circus and then runs across interactive panels on the London Underground, as well as the website and across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.